1. booty, Archaic. boot, spoil, spoils, plunder, pillage, Archaic. prey, Scot. Obs. reif; stolen goods, Inf. steal, Sl. hot goods, Sl. boodle, Sl. the take, Sl. the goods, Sl. swag.
2.Informal. valuables, treasures, prizes, gifts, possessions, purchases, goods; riches, hoardings, savings, stock, cache.
3.Slang. money, wealth, riches. See money.
4. plundering, pillaging, sacking, Rare. sackage, despoliation, foraging; ravishment, seizure, grab, rape.
5. abduct, kidnap, Sl. snatch, rape, capture, seize, make off with, carry off, steal; commandeer, expropriate.
6. despoil, spoliate, plunder, pillage, sack, ransack, forage; ravage, harry, maraud, depredate.
7. rob, burglarize, burgle, steal from, embezzle from; fleece, raid; swindle, defraud.

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